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you found me how?!

I got the idea to post about the crazy ways people find my blog via Word Nerd Speaks. This is my first installment, aside from the time I laughed about geese and Tim Geithner, of what I imagine will be a more frequent occurrence of the people who find my blog through strange and sometimes hilarious Google searches. The following are some of the #youfoundmehow searches from this month:

1) Chopped episodes and cheeze its

I get that one. But it makes me wonder if I too misspelled cheeze its somewhere on the blog, which are clearly spelled cheez-its. C’mon, get it together.

2) grocery shopping with crazy kids


3) laundry sorter, 4 bag, rod

I’m concerned this person might be premeditating something bad, but otherwise, I get this one too.

4) lone ranger merita bread loaf labels


5) “why I love public health”


6) putting her to bed

Do it. Early and often.

7) ammoniated boneless lean beef trimmings + mcdonald’s uk

Sadly, yes. This would be because of the pink slime post. 

8) methuselan meaning

It means a person who is older than dirt. No, not me. Glad I could be of service. 

9) nerdy pie

Mmmmmmm, pie.

10) “frugal”…in a million different sentence constructions.

¬†Apparently I served a niche. But what of my extensive knowledge on bathing a cat? Doesn’t anyone want to do that?

I’ve enjoyed daily blogging, but I occasionally find myself (I accidentally first wrote “finds meself,” proving the possibility that I have pirate-blood in me) blogging about blogging, which leaves me feeling that I will never be taken seriously by any human being ever again in my life. I promise I have more intelligent commentary to make. Check back soon.

Peace out,

Image Credit: Morguefile, with my own edits