34 things

I blatantly stole the idea for this list from another blogger. It was such a good idea, and she doesn't blog any more, so I hope she'd be flattered if she knew.
  1. On any given day, missing my family is one of my primary feelings.
  2. I love pickles. A LOT.
  3. I regret making my maiden last name my married middle name.
  4. My favorite album when I was young was Dirty Dancing.
  5. I am almost always happy.
  6. Much to my dismay, I can't raise one eyebrow. I feel this hurts my ability to be sarcastic effectively.
  7. I generally dislike Top-40 music and cheerleading movies, but my adorable husband loves them, and I secretly love that he loves them.
  8. My philosophy on life essentially boils down to this tenet: you can always fit more in the dishwasher, but sometimes, you just gotta run it.
  9. I am almost always cold. My fingers turn splotchy and white when it gets below 60 degF.
  10. I hate being cold.
  11. The best vacation I ever took was to Paris when I was 8.5 months pregnant, and it was freezing cold outside.
  12. I wish I had invited fewer people to my wedding. But I'd still have included you, of course.
  13. My two natural childbirths are a great source of pride for me.
  14. When I was in college, I used to cry on my boyfriend's shoulder because my university didn't recycle any garbage at our football games.
  15. I have never swung a bat to hit a baseball, and if I have it my way, I never will.
  16. I try to be open-minded,
  17. but if you tell me about your past lives, I'm quietly judging you.
  18. I am never grossed out; in fact, I'm nearly positive I could dissect a human cadaver.
  19. However, I can't even watch previews for horror movies, they scare me so much.
  20. I want to want a dog, but I don't.
  21. My childhood involved lots of organizing tiny objects in my closet.
  22. I am a tough movie critic/snob, and odds are I think my taste is better than yours.
  23. My favorite movie is Say Anything, even though I know it's not the best movie. I have watched it well over 100 times.
  24. I have this strange talent of being able to 'name that movie' in a few seconds, almost every time, even if I haven't seen the movie. Ditto for being able to name the year a movie was made.
  25. I love musicals, the opera, the ballet, the theater, and stand-up comedy. Basically, if there's a stage, I'm there.
  26. There are a few friends I've lost touch with over adulthood that I miss so much, I still tear up every now and then when I think about them. But I still don't call them.
  27. I believe "they" should legalize marijuana.
  28. Giving unsolicited advice is one of my favorite pastimes.
  29. I loathe getting unsolicited advice.
  30. I love to talk.
  31. I'm a terrible listener, which is probably why I hate talking on the phone. Too much listening.
  32. ENFP. If you know, you know. If you don't, you can Google it.
  33. I enjoy the process of coming up with ideas, but I rarely see them to fruition. I like to float ideas like balloons and watch other people grab onto them and pull them back down to earth.
  34. Much like Liz Lemon, I appreciate a good night cheese...



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