Wednesday, January 07, 2015

holiday goodness

I started to publish this post at my new site, but then I decided it had more of the trappings of a family update, so I'm moving it here. We had grandparents visiting for almost the entire two weeks of vacation, and we took trips to North Conway (snow! and the Polar Express) and Rockport. The girls are at a lovely age where they play together for hours, and our Christmas loot was a perfect manageable amount of stuff, which was the result of a team effort. Go team!

In other news, here are some random questions to which my family thinks I know the answers no matter how many times I do not know the answers:

1. What is that smell?

2. Where are my ______? (socks, books, keys, or Charlie's favorite since seeing The Lego Movie, pants)

3. Why am I getting this "Everyday with Rachel Ray" magazine and are we paying for it?

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that you're feeling good about the start of a new year.

It snowed when we visited North Conway. Gorgeous!

Snuggling with her new loot.

Coloring is Vivi's favorite activity.

Rockport in winter.

Not quite beach weather.

They enjoyed having a bed in the living room.


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