Saturday, January 04, 2014

yours, mine, & ours: best of 2013

I was reading Dooce's year-in-review post a few days ago and was reminded that it's time again to do our year-end round-ups. 2013 was my third year blogging on a regular basis, so this will be my third year-in-review post (see 2012 and 2011). Time flies when you're writing about daily life!

2013 was the first year I felt like a real grownup, with a home of our own that feels like ours and a family that is growing in our lovely traditions and routines. This summer saw an unexpected  and delightful revival of my summer camp counselor days, and in the fall I began to discover where my voice might fit into the written world.

I am grateful for these days.

Your Favorites of 2013:

Rebuilding your gut and immune system after antibiotics

This post continues to receive ten times the daily views of any new post I write, which makes me feel at once both accomplished and insignificant.

Superfoods to the rescue!

Links to recipes using the nine superfoods, as shared in a 2013 goop newsletter.

Frugal living

"If you're pondering how you can live more simply and within your means, come pull up a chair and learn from my foibles and follies on our path to frugal living."

How to build your blog readership

I shared tips with a friend and turned that email message into a popular post.

How babies are born: a conversation with my daughter

"From this experience, I take away the importance of follow-up questions and making sure I understand why she wants to know the information and that she understood my responses."

On not becoming the goops

"I learned easily that the French have figured out how to make good food. They enjoy food so much and so well. What I didn't know was that they have many rules about what, when, and how to eat. Being someone who likes to cook and eat--and someone who is sometimes painfully attempting to teach my kids good manners--I appreciate a culture that is willing to take time in crafting good, well-mannered eaters."

We are the FDA

"As a parent, you are the funnel by which all materials will reach your children. You are the screen, the poison detector, the regulation. In essence, YOU are the FDA."

Building a tinker tent

We ended up giving both of the girls a scooter to share and leaving the tinker tent for a project to start in the new year together. The girls love making a fort more than anything else, so I think it will be a big hit.

The 12 days of (minimalist parenting) Christmas

I think I'll be more happy in future years about having written these posts than I was at the time that I was writing them. I have trouble with the monotony of a project that has a definitive start and end date. Typing that last sentence makes me ponder how spoiled I've been to be as creative and unstructured as I like during this time of homemaking.

Articles in Other Places:

Spring Adventures (my personal favorite of the year!)
Rhythm of the Home

Family Dinner Project

Natural Parents Network

Favorite Recipes of 2013:

On making our own lard

"In a nutshell, lard is not your enemy, and the people who want you to go on believing it is have ulterior motives. Set aside what you think you know, do your research, and make your own decision."

Saturday morning southern biscuits

"It sounds like a complicated ritual, but I promise that making biscuits takes all of 10 minutes at the most, and it's so easy that a caveman two year old can do it."

Hand pies: the world's most perfect travel food

"The pie tradition has been around since the need for easy-to-carry, easy-to-store foods arose. I reckon that in the modern-day fast-paced world we live in has more of a need for pie than ever before."

Blank slate muffins

"Although I have many recipes already in my book, I went searching for a simpler but still healthy muffin recipe. One that puffed up and tasted good without lots of butter and shortening. A tabula rasa, if you will, that would allow me to put in whatever extra ingredients I had on hand in it."

Pumpkin griddle cakes

This recipe is likely popular because of its dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan variations.  It's tough to find a pancake recipe that meets all of those requirements, and this one is tasty and moist to boot!

My Favorites of 2013:

In spaces between

Ode to my cousin Clay.

Joie de Vivi

My update on Vivi, who continues to delight us with Vivisms, such as when she spied a present and declared, "It's for me!" Nate responded, "It's for both of you," and with just as much enthusiasm she shouted,"It's for both of me!"

Our incredible hulk

An update on Charlie. Family and friends have been commenting lately that she is really coming out of her shell and developing a big personality, and we quite agree. She's also developing some of the expected 'tude that accompanies being on her way to four years old, aka. being queen in her own mind.

It turns out you were right

It's tough to find a way to write about marriage that doesn't come off as too sappy or too bitter. I'm proud at having achieved a bit of balance on this one.

On not {quite} fitting in

"They way they chat with each other, their sociability, everything is slightly altered. I often feel as though I'm missing some kind of non-verbal cue during conversations with strangers. Interesting but exhausting too."

In which I go off about my kids not listening to me and share my comforting recipe for a fatty omelette for one.


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