Friday, January 17, 2014

a 43-year-old letter

the lone home ranger
Cubby and Great Grandma talking to my mom, c. 1979

I found a copy of a letter that my great grandfather wrote my grandmother in 1971 (when he was 82 years old), and it was so fascinating I just had to share it. Were Cubby alive today, he would be roughly 125 years old. There are many more letters like this one; I am sharing the first of the letters I pulled from the stack. He typed it using a typewriter.

Dearest Louise: 
Your Father's Day letter of the 18th inst. is superior to any card you could have selected, and proved to be more than a pleasing surprise; and while I feel quite unable to measure up to the indicated standards, I am nontheless (sic) truly grateful for your devotion and love, with the implied sentiments. 
As you can surmise, I experienced a delightful day, received a multitude of cards, rested a lot, partook of a delicious turkey dinner at El's, and retired early with a grateful heart and a sincere feeling of gratitude for the many blessings enjoyed. 
Be assured, your happiness and best welfare are foremost in all our considerations, and the memory of our relationship is cherished beyond words. 
With affection and all good wishes for you, Arnold, and the children, I remain, as ever,

P.S. Sr. Eileen is holding up fairly well, and she and Sr. Clement seem to be enjoying their visit to the limit.

Isn't that just the best?


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Rebecca C. Whittle said...

Nice photo and article .


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