Friday, January 03, 2014

{52}: cheer to spare

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013."

On the Range
December 24 - 31, 2013

{On the Range} is my weekly series where I discuss what we're doing, reading, and eating. It's a little bit 52 project and other photo projects, and a little bit {Did you Read?} and {In the Ranger Kitchen}.

Happy New Year! We had a lovely week. Nate's sister Katie came to visit, and the girls adored her and insisted she share every moment and toy with them. It was the kind of spectacular display of love that makes these girls so endearing, despite the roller coaster emotions and behaviors that are three and five years old.

We ended the year with a quick trip out to the Berkshires, staying in the little apartment of a nice old home in Stockbridge. The highlight for me was seeing the Norman Rockwell Museum. I would have probably lingered there all day if I didn't have littles under feet who were very well behaved but only willing to look at old paintings for so long. But I must say they were much more interested in these paintings than others. Rockwell's work is so compelling, so alive that even a toddler can appreciate them.

I could write more but think the best way to share the cheer of our holidays is to show the pictures and videos. I would have turned them into a slideshow but seem to have forgotten how to use technology in the few weeks since I've quit making blogging a habit. (Also scroll down to see what was cookin' in the ranger kitchen over the holidays).

Check out these old shirts from my youth, serving as art smocks now.
Hypercolor and school olympics for a country that no longer exists!

View from the top bunk, with her new favorite stuffed cheetah
I bought myself a little moleskine notebook to keep track of what we eat over the holidays, but I thought I'd also share the links here when I can. I find myself more and more seeking recipes mainly from Jacques Pepin and Pioneer Woman; somehow the two of them seem to meet my desires to be uppity while simultaneously down home.


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