Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{1/52 & 2/52}: writing intentionally

1/52: Note helpful tongue.

2/52: Note new rug! What do you think?

I wasn't sure at first if I was going to do another year of the 52 project, so I let a few weeks go by to see how I felt. And I missed it! I consider it forced journaling, plus it gives me a great way to keep track of good photos of the girls. Since I didn't post anything the first week of the year, I'm squooshing them both into this post.

I didn't anticipate both photos would be from the same vantage point of various craft projects, but it does give you an idea of what we do in our coldest months. We craft. And craft. AND CRAFT. I have glitter glue in my hair today.

It's seems like the first journal entry of the year is a good time for taking stock of one's life, so let's chat livestock for a moment. Charlie is headed for pre-k in the fall, which means she'll be out of the house five mornings a week! I'm still wrapping my head around that little nugget, but for now I'm enjoying the creativity that nine months of career planning allows me.

I love writing, so right now it's what I am most interested in pursuing this year. I am gradually learning how to be more structured and disciplined at it. Writing a little bit every day helps with that, whether that be here or in my paper journal. Sometimes all I can do is type a line or two of notes in my phone while I am waiting at a kid's activity, but it's all part of the writing process, so I count that as time well spent.

I am officially part of the Natural Parents Network as a monthly writer, which is exciting! And not at all as daunting as I thought it'd be to come up with regular ideas. I have tons of ideas, and the only slightly daunting part is making sure I sit down to type more than just the idea. But it's happening, slowly and surely.

I am also seeking affiliation with a wellness website where I can turn my antibiotics article into a series of installments about maintaining a microbiota balance. I also hope to broaden the relationship to write about other aspects of wellness like exercise, eating well, and pregnancy/birth. If anyone has a great place they read such articles online, feel free to share it! So far I've set my sights on MindBodyGreen and Elephant Journal.

What changes are afoot with you this year? Planning to do more or less of anything?
xoxo j


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