Saturday, December 21, 2013

shiny happy people

Jack Sprat & Wife

"Shiny happy people!" was my aunt's comment on this picture I posted after Nate's work holiday party. And we were! On a night of three mixed drinks, I will always be shiny and happy. Plus, the conversation and hors d'oeuvres were plentiful, making the trifecta of a perfect evening complete. I would love to tell you more details about the conversations, but like I said, three drinks.

I will tell you more about the drinks, though. There were three choices. Between the two of us, I was the only one who ordered the first tall drink with cucumber vodka in it, the Phil Collins. It's the specialty drink of the place we went. Both Nate and another male friend independently reported that it tasted like a candle, but I liked it! The more troublesome part to me was the metal straw. Just, why?

Nate stuck by the Vieux Carre, which was the manliest of manly drinks. It was the kind of mixed drink that includes 5 ingredients, all of them different variations on alcohol. No ice, served in an Old Fashioned glass. I coughed and sputtered after tasting it and half wished for a lighter to test my breath.

Anyway, my favorite was another signature drink of the event location, The Hawthorne in Boston. It was called the Roscoe Pound, a ginger drink served chilled in a wide champagne glass. Bourbon, ginger, honey, and lemon coupe, whatever that is. It was delightful and offered the added bonus of keeping my stomach settled for all of the munching on snacks.

A word on the location. The Hawthorne was the sort of place you'd imagine would be overly expensive and awkward if you were just there for a drink without 40 of your work buddies; indeed, Nate had been there on a regular night and said it was just meh. But it was the perfect place for a party, two longish rooms with plenty of little nooks for small convos. And there were pretzels and mustard, which become elevated to incredible when I'm slightly tipsy.

I already told you a bit about my dress, which was a little red number from Banana Republic. It was comfortable and felt feminine without being too revealing or requiring adjustments throughout the evening. I wore it with opaque black tights because hey, this is Boston during the winter not a summer evening in Monte Carlo. Incidentally, the weather was so cold that I also chose to sport my black leg warmers for the three-block walk from the car to the front door. The leg warmers made for an interesting decloaking in the entryway, but I did get some props from the hostesses for my genius, so I suppose I didn't stick out too much.

In other Home Ranger news, Nate painted the downstairs bathroom! It looks great, and I do declare the process deserves its own post, so I'll be back soon with those deets. Until then, wishing you warmth and lots of holiday treats. xoxo, J


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