Monday, December 02, 2013

joie de Vivi

"Oh how I love cake!"

I just went back and read this post about Vivi. If there's one thing I'd tell that version of myself from six months ago, it'd be not to worry so much about kindergarten. Vivi seems to be enjoying herself and staying out of trouble. On the day I visited, she excelled at the tasks given to her, from leading a small group to writing sentences (she balked at the teacher's request that she complete two sentences, but she did it). I say "leading a small group," but it primarily involved her bossing around other kids while reenacting a scene from a book they had just read, and she ate up every moment, bless her.

She has many friends and loves life, so thus far I am able to report that school has not yet squashed her spirit. It's all good. Oh, and don't get me started on school lunch, which she ADORES. If I would let her buy lunch every day, she'd be happy as a pig in a poke, but we'd be $60 broker per month. For now I let her buy once a week, and she typically chooses either pizza, hot dog, or soft pretzel/yogurt. Her cafeteria routinely serves veggies like green salads and mashed sweet potatoes too, so I have mostly praise to give them on that front.

Vivi still asks more questions than I thought humanly possible. I'm considering getting her this book for Christmas as much for my assistance as for her edification. Nate gets into the answering of the questions with patience and good humor, and I try to use his example as my guide. Oh my goodness, the girl just wants to know. Here she is watching football with her daddy. In this clip, she's asking him about a football player whose name is Ball:



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