Friday, November 29, 2013


We had a pleasant day of not doing much but feeling like we were always doing something. Nate and I had many conversations, often while holding or munching a piece of food. Some were about household matters we should address at some point; the painting of the bathroom cabinetry, the printing and hanging of pictures, the purchase and assembly of bunk beds. We're already thinking ahead to the new year and all those nagging projects we wanted to complete this year but didn't.

But instead of starting a major project, I baked a bourbon pumpkin cheesecake. I know! It's highly unlike me to make cheesecake, or any cake for that matter. I think I've used my springform pan once in the nine or so years I've owned it. Somehow it struck both Nate and I at the same moment this morning that we missed out on a pumpkin dessert yesterday, and not being folks to enjoy pumpkin pie, a cheesecake--and one that included bourbon, no less--seemed like a logical alternative. Now it sits in the fridge so we can wait the torturous overnight chill before it's ready to eat.

Vivi wasted no time beginning new projects today. With minimal help from me to locate supplies, she began tracing, cutting, and gluing Christmas cards together. If you're lucky enough to wind up with one of these beauties in your mailbox, you should know that a lot of love went into the construction of this holiday stationery.

Nate spent lots of time over the past two days playing with the girls; Lincoln Logs, hide-n-seek, puzzles, and board games. There was an especially touching moment yesterday when he and Vivi were building a little log cabin and watching the parade on TV. I could hear from where I was cooking in the kitchen that he was working in math lessons, Spanish vocabulary, and general life wisdom during their play; at one humorous point, he even took a moment to explain that men sometimes like to wear kinky boots (did you see that great song during the parade? I was just going to look for a link to share with you and saw how mad people are. I guess I saw that coming but seriously? I thought the song lyrics were fantastic and the message lovely. Whatever happened to "free to be you and me"?).

Tomorrow we're getting our Christmas tree, listening to holiday music, attending Vivi's skating class, and probably also turning a tomato cage into a tree of lights. My first order of business will be to eat a crunchy vegetable or two.

Did you partake in the shopping madness today? My guess is that Black Friday has officially jumped the shark, but if you saw the scene, perhaps you can provide us with more deets.


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