Friday, November 08, 2013

on staying in touch

Every now and then I ponder the act of correspondence, about how much I love and dislike it at various times in my life, how simultaneously good and bad I can be at it and how it has connected me to friends and family in different ways as I get older. Today is my birthday, and birthdays in my thirties are full of a diverse means of communication. Yesterday I got cards from my mom and grandma, and today I got the usual phone calls, mixed with birthday texts and Facebook posts.

I happen to love the increased variety of message options and think it's nice for keeping up with all of our various levels of relationship/social circles. Sometimes you just want to say "I'm thinking of you!" without consulting Hallmark, you know? And I must say that even though I gripe a lot about the negatives of Facebook, their birthday feature sustains me on the site year after year. It's good stuff.

I'm also pondering correspondence today as I start the holiday card ordering process. Just as I was logging onto Minted and attempting to select an image from the year's choices, I happened upon a post by crappy pictures on the same subject. I found myself laughing at how well she sums up the arduous and ridiculous process of taking and choosing a photo when you have kids. Should we do a posed photo or one more avant-garde? An older one that looks better or a more recent but sloppy one?

I have always sent holiday cards ever since I've been able to write, but my address list has been whittled rather than expanded over the years. As with selecting which people warrant a birthday phone call versus text message, I figure there's a method to deciding who gets the general "Happy Holidays!" tweet or status update and who gets the card ornament.

Meanwhile, my kindergartner has quite suddenly learned to read and write, and now there is a constant stream of love pouring out of her heart. It's as though she has been waiting for this moment to communicate the dearest expressions of her emotions, and we are the happy daily recipients of sweet love notes.

This is just one example of today's note to her daddy, which she then rolled up and tied with ribbon:

"I love that you are back from work Daddy."
Isn't that just the heart-meltingest?

Her uncomplicated ability to write her feelings serves as a reminder to me that maybe I should order more holiday cards this year. And hey, this weekend Minted has a good sale happening. Through Monday you can use the code JOY25FS to get $25 off your order and free shipping. So you can get your own ornament cards! Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed?

Here's to hoping you get lots of cheery cards and texts this holiday season!

Author's note: Thanks to Minted again for supporting my obsession with their holiday cards.


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