Monday, November 25, 2013

{day 13}: give yourself 15 minutes

Day 13: Give yourself 15 minutes

This is the last official task of the second week, and then tomorrow we can review the whole experience together. It should be relatively easy if you made your self-care list yesterday. Fifteen minutes a day, one day for each activity, is not a lot of time.

I pulled out my notebook where I keep all of our goings-on and was reminded of Becky's post about weekly planning. Have y'all updated to an all-digital planning process? I know my fancy new phone could handle it, but I suppose I'm a laggard when it comes to technology. I like having the paper on which to scribble, add notes, and cross out entries. Then I can also go back months (or even years! I keep them all. I know.) and browse what's been done in a delightful air of self-satisfaction. But this time I do think I'll use my phone to plan these 15-minute appointments, since it will give me a reminder chime when it's time to do my self-care. That's one chime I think I'll look forward to of the many bells and whistles on my phone.

I did a bit more work last night to prepare for these little sneak-aways by performing the annual cleaning out of the footstool storage (Do you own one of these? Great for hiding toys). After the kids went to bed, I slowly loaded it with holiday reading collection, pausing to flip through my favorites. The kids will be so psyched to see their lovely old books that they might even embark on their own hide-n-read adventure.

Your turn! Open your calendar today and find five times a week for 15 minutes each to devote to the items on your self-care list.


Frogmore Farm said...

Day 13 , great God almighty free at last .

...but seriously, I loved this series and I bet you reminded yourself to organize , renew and get rid of clutter all while you took a few minutes to be the fantastic person you are .

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Kimberly R. Thompson said...

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