Wednesday, September 18, 2013

me time

The most unusual and delightfully surprising change has happened to my daily routine since the girls have started school again. I'm going to tell you the following without trying to sound like a braggart. I HAVE FREE TIME. Okay, so I suppose writing in all caps isn't the best way to appear like I'm not bragging. But if you're a mom like me with two young children, and you feel like you'll never have a minute to yourself again, like your brain will never fully work again, take heart. You will get time to yourself. You might even get your brain back. It happened for me, and it will happen for you too.

The surprise isn't that I am getting free time, it's that it totally caught me off guard. Here I am, the mom of two potty-trained individuals who can entertain themselves for literally an hour or more without needing me, and I was somehow unaware that I'd have more time to myself when kindergarten got going. In my defense, my brain wasn't working too well prior to a week ago...

Jumping on the couch, a morning favorite.

A great part of this set-up is that even when Charlie is home with me (she still only has school two mornings a week), she is so easily entertained and quiet that it's like being alone at times. I can set her up with an activity, like an art project or a stack of books, and I get a full thirty minutes of time to think, write, read, or switch laundry. As a result, I'm currently sitting in my dining room at the computer with no mess in sight, and Charlie is dancing nearby to a Raffi song.

Not sure what she's doing here. But she's quiet as a mouse.

Now I just need to decide what to do with my time, other than read my stack of books and laugh until I almost fall out of my chair at the Bloggess. Once I had a few minutes to think about what I might like to do, the answer became obvious. Write! Nate has been so helpful at organizing my thoughts and ideas (turns out there's more to consulting than just prolonging the problem), so I've even developed a framework for what I want to write. It irks me when bloggers--especially Facebookers-- are vague because they hope people will be on the edge of their seats ("I can't tell you about it, but something amazing is about to happen to me!!"), but I honestly still don't know what to tell you yet. When I do, I promise not to be vague.

I remain, Reader, your most humble and faithful aimless digressor,

p.s. For the two of you who are wondering, yes I did in fact get the idea for the "me time" title from Cards Against Humanity. It might just be my favorite card.

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