Thursday, July 18, 2013

alter egos

In the twenty years since I first got prescription eyeglasses, I've owned about six pairs of glasses. They have always been a back-up to my contact lenses, as I prefer not wearing glasses. Partly it's that I've only had one pair I thought looked good on me (very expensive and broke about a year into owning them when I stupidly put them in my luggage instead of carry-on), and partly it's that I dislike the feeling of having glasses on my face. I am so nearly blind that when wearing glasses, my peripheral vision is a blur. Plus, I love to exercise and can never quite get used to the bouncy feeling of running with glasses.

HOWEVER, I definitely need to own glasses. Back to that part about being blind. Without my contacts or glasses, I can't even tell when entering my bedroom if it's my husband in bed or a stranger with similar build and dark hair. My current glasses have been around since my last pair broke in 2005, so I figure it's about time to replace them. (Side note: it was my eye doctor who had to point out that one of my nose pieces was missing. I'm so blind without my glasses on that I didn't notice!)

The hard part is that I HATE shopping. And for the most part, I HATE the way I look in glasses.  The only specs of remaining motivation (get it? Specs! Ha) are that Nate likes the way glasses look on me and that I've been wanting to try out a new way to shop for glasses. Recently I've been hearing success stories from friends who have used online companies. I selected a company at random to try...basically I just like their name, Rivet & Sway [N.B.: They are not paying me for this endorsement.]

Rivet & Sway asked me a few questions (via an online survey) about the shape of my face and then requested a headshot of me before then sending me three pairs of glasses in the mail to try. For FREE! It only took about two days after I submitted my selections, and I was so super duper excited to get their box in the mail.

Sidenote: the box is so cute! I appreciate they mention an attempt to be eco-conscious by reusing the materials, since the postal waste was one of the hurdles in trying this process in the first place.

I took their advice and made sure my hair and makeup looked normal (erhm, not sweaty) prior to trying them on. Any luck? Well, sort of. As I suspected, I am not certain I have a winner out of these three. But I am betting it's a normal part of the process. Now I know which of the three I like, and I am hoping if I give them that feedback, the next group of three will have the winner. Before I send them back, I thought it'd be good to get your opinions. I had to take pictures of myself to send them the feedback, and it was the most challenging part of the process for me. "Selfies" ain't really my thang.

But anyway, do let me know what you think. Sigh. Here you go...

#1: Tusk (these seem crooked to me, otherwise I like them)

#2: Faster Pussycat (meh, just ok. They are growing on me, but a little too retro with the raised sides)

#3: Luna Lovegood (this is the name I gave them. Giant round eyeballs, anyone?)


Frogmore Farm said...
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Frogmore Farm said...
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Frogmore Farm said...

O.K. I'm back ...I had to grab my glasses . No irony there , huh ? Suddenly I can't see without them . I like the "Tusk" , final answer .

Emily said...

Of those three I like the first ones best : )

letters to my little love said...

I've heard that at they have a virtual mirror where you can upload a picture of yourself and "virtually" try on several different frames. The Glasses USA isn't as fun of a name, but maybe that would be fun too?

Justine said...

Glasses USA sounds like fun. I might try that out. I have this thing where one of my ears seems to be higher than the other, so I am a little freaked out at the idea of not being able to have the pair on my face.

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