Sunday, May 12, 2013

raise the roof!

Phew! We had an action-packed Mother's Day. Nate offered to let me sleep in this morning, but the birds had another idea and decided to alert me to the presence of daylight at 6:30. So, whatever, early starts can be fun too. Nate and I went for a run sans kiddos, which we do only a few times a year now. The weather was sprinkling and high 60's, my perfect running conditions.

We went to lunch at our favorite flatbread pizza place, which was a blast. Who needs brunch when you have pizza and beer? In the afternoon, the guys assembled the playhouse while I presided over the event and offered color commentary. Nate also fixed a bunch of our old crystal door handles so that most of the doors in our house now open and shut. This might not seem like a romantic Mother's Day gesture, but it really was the best gift I could have asked for. I stood at the coat closet for a few minutes today, just smiling and opening and shutting the door.

So far the playhouse is a huge hit! The girls love to play house. Big thanks go to Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Dave for the great present! We left Grandpa with the kids playing in the house and took a nice long walk. More grown-up conversations, y'all! Hope you and yours had a great Mother's Day.

Love and hugs,

Vivi's toothless expression is its own brand of comedy. Love it.


Alanna Rusnak said...

Hi Justine! Thanks for you visiting my blog and offering such lovely words of encouragement! Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day - just up my alley! Nothing like a finished project and happy kids to make you feel complete :) Thank you for being a positive little burst of sunshine on my day!!!

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