Friday, May 17, 2013

meet the new baby

I wrote this post last night while at a birth...using my phone! 

You thought I was going to share a picture of my doula clients' baby, didn't you? No, but it's the next best thing! Meet Leila, who, for the redonkulous price of $150, you can have all to yourself. If that isn't creepy enough, she will squeeze your finger and whisper redrum in your ear. 

This is how I entertain myself when there's a lull during a birth. Well, that and I eat brownies and doughnuts until I make myself sick. And now I can blog too!! Lucky you. Right now I am sitting in a common area, where I am inadvertently-on-purpose overhearing a conversation between an older couple, who are discussing the fact that no one won the powerball and whether they want to get some black raspberry ice cream after this. And here I was, having forgotten all about that delicious flavor.

There's a lot to love about my new phone. Even more than just photographing interactive monkey dolls and pretending I am invisible during other people's chats. For instance, I had my first autocorrect fail, in which I meant to let my sitter know she could reach me if she needed anything but instead accidentally texted "feel free to text me if you need anthrax." The nurses and I had a good laugh about that one. But really, iPhone, is it necessary that I be able to type "anthrax" quickly? As I just typed that sentence, I imagined all the watch lists I am going to end up on after this post.

On an unrelated note, but one that also includes a pic I snapped with my phone, I found an added bonus to our new playhouse, which is that I can now sit outside to work AND see my computer screen. Winning!


Frogmore Farm said...

I'd be mildly interested in the demographics of the people that buy those monkey babies . I'm unenthusiastic about this feedback because I am fairly certain it is people like me that over indulge their dogs . We are predictable and they are target marketing for us . Sad , I just won't get one that's all...and I mean it .

Justine said...

Mildly interested, eh? I'm full-on intrigued. They had me at "vinyl skin," "fully poseable," and "certificate of authenticity." Strong demand is expected, so hurry! You don't want to miss out on your piece of the ca-razy pie.

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