Thursday, May 16, 2013

how to clean area rugs, courtesy of the dudette

how to clean your area rugs

Last week I rolled up our winter rug and cleaned it to put it in storage. I am still trying to decide whether I want to buy a rug for summer or leave the floor bare. What do you do? I was telling Nate about my dilemma when he responded, completely without sarcasm, "But a rug really ties the room together." I paused mid-way up the stairs, laundry basket in hand, and leaned back my head for a deep rolling belly chuckle. His earnest appreciation for floor coverings smacked so much of The Dude--and so unintentionally so! My favorite times are when one of us is being funny without knowing it. It is truly the best way to get a laugh.

In case you would like to share in my rug-cleaning fun, I am sharing a new article I wrote about how to clean your area rugs. I partnered as a guest writer with the folks at Home Made Simple, a website with inspiring methods for organization, cleaning, and cooking. They offer some great ideas and resources, and I am shamelessly encouraging you to head over there today and check out what I wrote!

El Duderino would no doubt agree with me that a clean rug really spruces up your living room. If you need further encouragement to read my article, consider the fact that I used the word "sparkle." No, really.

Thanks, dudes.


Kimberly Hall said...

I always love when my husband appreciates what I do and what I decorate for our house. Having these carpets can really add a different and exciting look in our space and I just love seeing my husband and the kids loving it. Moreover, cleaning carpets can be tiring at times but, I will check on your other blogs for cleaning tips. Thanks for sharing this post! -

UTV Side By Side said...

Nice post. But I think you should consider hiring a professional area rug cleaner to consult with you to find out what is the best cleaning treatment. Don’t wait until the area rug collects dirt. A professional rug cleaner will be able to determine what type of cleaning service you need. A visual examination will usually help to make that decision.

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Jamie B. Lucas said...

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