Friday, April 19, 2013

waiting game

All four of us were stuck inside the house today while the manhunt for one of the Boston Marathon bombers went on around us. It's funny what goes through your mind when you realize there is danger present. One of my first thoughts was "Oh man, I wanted to go running today!" (because it's all about me, right?), and then a later thought was "Well, we're probably safe because we live up this dang hill." This is actually a good insight--I mean, even if you got up the hill, then you'd have to run up all our steps, so I figure it's about the most difficult place he could choose to go.

Anywho, at the prospect of having to stay inside my house all day, I did what any woman would. I binge ate a buttload of chips and salsa, then swept and mopped all the floors in my house. We occasionally listened to NPR and caught a few minutes of news, but we tried not to watch obsessively, figuring it could go on a while. It seemed to me like an unprecedented amount of manpower devoted to the capture of one man, and I laughed heartily at this tweet that aptly described the situation.

One consolation in this situation has been the fact that life goes on for my kids. Neither of them is of an age where we can explain what's happening to them, which is mostly good but a little bad. It was bad in that it's IMPOSSIBLE to explain why we can't let them go outside on what is truly the best weather we've had all year. But as I said, it was mostly good because who wants to have to tell their kids about real-life bad guys? I prefer for them to go on believing in the good in people. And really, that's what we're all trying to do, you know?

The best we could do is let them in the (locked) mud room. They played "rainy day."


Emily said...

So glad you're all safe. Big hugs friend!

Billie said...

Good to hear you are all safe! Despite being locked inside, they sure look like they are having fun!

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Rachel C. Price said...

Wow ! her game remained me about my child hood . Like this game .


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