Monday, February 11, 2013

how big is your snow plow?

I could probably fill in material just from the snow days for the next week, but I'll try to be editorial in determining what makes the cut. Just in time for the storm, Netflix dumped a slew of episodes of their new show, House of Cards, in our lap. Throw in some chocolate chip cookies, knitting, and a fire, and you've got the picture of how we've been spending our evenings. Whoever said Boston in February stinks is nuts. Boston in February is wonderful. It's April and May that are the pits.

Can you believe that it's business as usual again already around here? These people know how to recover from a storm. Quite an accomplishment, I must say.

World's largest snow plow (see video below)

"Mah cheeksh are shtuck."

She's not standing at the bottom. That's about half-way down. If I'd kept digging, she wouldn't be able to get out!

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