Monday, January 28, 2013

these are the days

It's snowing again. I consider it the reward for enduring the sub-20's weather we've been having for a week or more. I am thankful we don't live in sub-20's for months on end like we did in Wisconsin. Brrrr.

Snow affirms the desire to nest and slow down, making it ever easier to live a simple life. In this cozy den of slack, less is more, and play is happening. Furry blankets are being worn. New knitting projects are being contemplated. Books are finally being read.

A peek at my reading corner.

I am comforted by the giggles coming from upstairs that yes, the girls are happy. They are in their own world of imaginative play that can last an entire afternoon on our lucky days.

I call this unfortunate blind smile "cheese face"

1 comment:

Emily said...

Seeing pictures of your girls makes me so happy! I know someday (I know it will happen so quickly) my girls will be playing together just like yours : )


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