Sunday, December 09, 2012

on kidneys and opinions

Don't you love when you have friends that accept your absences without explanation? I had an unexpected departure from the blog for a while there. Rather than do the whole traditional apology/explanation business, I'm just going on as though I didn't stop calling you for a while. Sound good?

I'm hiding the girls' Christmas gifts in a spot in the basement, above which there is randomly an old bumper sticker placed that reads, in all caps, "TRANSPLANT KIDNEYS. DON'T BURY THEM." There are plenty of comings and goings to the gift area of late, and so I receive this advice on a daily basis. It makes me pause and chuckle, and then remember that comparison someone made a while back--Confucius, probably--between opinions and A-holes. You know the one, right? 'Course you do.

I'm not even going to ask you how a person can select to transplant kidneys (and yes, I know about organ donation. But still). I mean, it's not as though I have an assortment of kidneys down in the basement that I'm considering whether to keep or toss. Can you imagine putting this bumper sticker on your car? Now, clothes are another story. And so I pretend the sticker reads "DONATE THESE CLOTHES. DON'T WEAR THEM." Thank you, sign! How very helpful of you.

What've y'all been up to while I was gone? Any news to dish?


Mom said...

Charlie is stealing the show again ..shows what wardrobe will do for you .

I spoke w/a Dr. last night at the party about kidney transplants . Small world huh? I was thinking about Marcia's donation , which I never can wrap my mind around ...I mean they practically have to cut you in half . The Dr. said that there are 6 criteria that will make a kidney a perfect fit . If all 6 happen the kidney will be functioning for 20 years . Most he said are not perfect ( even for family members ) and so the kidney will give the recipient 10 yrs . before dialysis is necessary . Interesting

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Not on topic of kidneys at all, but — I love those hats! Particularly the furry one. And I love how their clothes color coordinate in contrasting areas. That is all.


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