Monday, November 05, 2012

thanks Mom! {squared}

I got the best early birthday present ever when Nate offered to watch the girls for me this weekend and let me go south for some quality time with family and friends. His mom came up to help him, which involved tons of flying from the land of flamingos to the land of beans. What a gal. When I got to Georgia, my mom surprised me with a small family party, and I got to hear lots of great family stories as well as get my great grandma's recipe scrapbook (!). It was a blast. Thanks Moms!

Saturday was spent with my with my college rowing buddies reenacting our former glory days getting blisters and cursing the crabs caught by other people. We were asked to give advice to the current rowers, and I told them to love each other, don't major in social science, and wait to have kids until they are 30. Yup, I went there. There was much laughter and tears shed, undeserved medals won, and margaritas drunk. So yeah, good times.

On Sunday I gave lots of slobbery smooches to the smiliest baby ever and caught up with my best friend AnnaLysa. And I didn't take any pictures because I'm a bit of a tard. Doh! I rounded out the trip with a more margaritas and laughs. What could be better? I hope for your sake you get to spend a few days with friends and family--without having a kid on each arm--because it's such a great chance to recharge. I'm the truest version of myself, warts and imperfections and all, around those people. And it feels great.

When I left it was fall, and now it is most definitely winter. Boo. I came home to Vivi saying "I missed you! Where were you for so long?" and Charlie saying "I want Daddy!" How soon we forget, right? Meanwhile, Charlie went from saying "Yeah" to "Yes," and I'm having a bit of a moment over here, feeling like she somehow grew up while I was gone for three days. It happened, y'all!

I'll try not to be a stranger too much this month, but blogging for a month is, like, kinda exhausting. But if you feel like stopping by to join me, I'll do my best to check in regularly. Gotta get my gratitude on.

Love and smooches,

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Emily Sefcik said...

Glad you had such a fantastic trip!!


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