Tuesday, November 06, 2012

{right now}: celebrating "falter"

Right now I am:

~flipping through my new copy of smitten kitchen's cookbook (EEE!).

~laughing at Vivi's choice for President at her school's mock election: "I voted for the red guy because I like red"... and feeling relieved that preschoolers don't vote.

~wondering how and why the Electoral College has survived for so long. I get what it is, but I have yet to find an intelligent article speculating on why we don't get rid of it. If you find one, throw it my way.

~thanking Nate Silver for keeping me sane for the last few weeks when I was able to tune out the senseless noise of the political media machine.

~enjoying my newfound Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast over at NPR and trying to figure out how I managed to follow @NPRMonkeySee for two years without knowing she ran a podcast.

~listening to Regina Spektor on repeat.

~ringing in fall/winter (falter?) by drinking homemade chai tea with Bailey's Irish Cream.

~reading Sarah's Key...finally.

~anxiously awaiting to release of another film rendition of The Great Gatsby, created by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leo, one of my favorite actors.

~writing stories for the mamas whose births I assisted and realizing I could never make my living in a non-deadline-driven writer's world (props to John Grisham. 30 books in 30 years!).

~submitting paperwork for my doula certification and remembering how much I dislike submitting paperwork.

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