Thursday, November 15, 2012

on being my daughter's people

Vivi visiting with a neighbor. I love that Charlie got out a chair to sit and watch Vivi's conversation.

When you were a kid, did you envision your adulthood involving the phrase "Have your people call my people"? I certainly did. As a stay-at-home mom with nothing to do other than arrange our lives, I often joke anyway that I need a wife to do some of the things that seem to fall off the social calendar. I need people! Vivi, on the other hand, has people, and those people are me.

She is a social butterfly, and I'm happy to see that in pre-k she has caught the eye of many a fellow student. We've had so many requests for play dates, in fact, that I find myself giving vague answers to parents like "Sure, we'll definitely get together!...some time." I can't keep up!

Next week we're getting together with someone I'll call Local Mom. Local Mom is pretty, hilarious, and fascinating. She's also somewhat terrifying in that she uses the F-word in everyday vernacular, which is 100% off limits to us good Southern girls. My favorite play dates so far are the ones that happen right in our back yard. Our neighbors to the right have two boys, and although we haven't actually gotten the kids together on the same side of the fence, they love chatting with each other from opposite sides. I know, pure laziness on my part, but I'm half worried if I invite them I'll end up with kids showing up unannounced to play. That's a thing, right?

The only major impediment to inviting play dates is the feeling that I have to clean up just to get ready for a big mess to happen. Right now my slatternliness threatens to unveil itself at every moment, and I am barely getting my act together to drop off and pick up my kid, let alone invite other kids over. To combat the mess, I've started getting the FlyLady's assistance. If you haven't read her website before, you're missing out! So many great homemaking tips (clean your sink! leave your shoes on!).

I'm so looking forward to my mom's visit at Thanksgiving, when I can take five minutes to sort my undergarments and break down the eleventy gazillion boxes still sitting in the basement. Yea for family holidays!

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