Sunday, October 07, 2012

you found me how {6}: on gremlins and dumpy apartments

Apart from a million different avocado recipe searches, I did manage to have a few funny Googlers lately (see past examples of this series here)...

1) a honey badger and alligator mixed photoshop

Genius! When you figure out how to create that fierce combo, will you send your Frankenstein photo my way?

2) gremlin in bed

Haven't you figured out the rules by now? NO WATER AFTER MIDNIGHT. Sheesh! I can't believe this is still a lesson to be learned.

3) homemade bludgeon

{blink, blink} {awkward pause} {tumbleweeds}

4) we eats floor minimalism

Sorry to disappoint, but we eats food around here.

5) talking poop

Really? I vote that we please give Mr. Hanky a proper burial from popular culture.

6) what is a nerdy word for lonely

Oh dear. This is too sad and humiliating to roast.

7) death by monkeys

Stubbornly continues in popularity. It's good to know the world is appropriately concerned about this possible outcome. PSYCH.

8) funny blogs about booba (see also: ranger boobs)

Still with the booba? At the very least it's a candidate for my newest nickname, right?

9) what is the work of ranger syrup

Anyone else getting the feeling many people with first languages other than English are finding my blog?

10) dumpy apartment

Oh gee, thanks a lot Google.

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