Tuesday, October 02, 2012

well, at least there's meat involved

Today is our eight year anniversary. Eight years! I feel like it was just yesterday we got married, that is until I look at photos and see my buff arms and striped hair. Oh time, how you do pass.

Check out those guns.

God was nice enough to pump in some fog on the river just for our wedding.

Along with our anniversary, we are also celebrating the closing of our new home today. We have keys in hand. In my head, I imagined some fireworks involved, or maybe a bottle of champagne drunk on the bottom step of our front walkway. Instead, it's a rainy afternoon, and I am up to my elbows in crumbs and dishes, rushing out the door to pick up our CSA meat and then meet Nate with the girls for dinner at a local Italian take-out restaurant after his late work call. That's romance, baby.

I'm still coming across old videos while I organize and get ready for the move. "Isn't it amazing how quickly we all grow up?" is an apt secondary title this blog post could have taken. I feel like it's my new catch-phrase.

p.s. Let the exercise record show that instead of yoga during Charlotte's nap, I also took a nap. Hopefully I'll squeeze in a yoga session before bed tonight.

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Emily said...

First of all, congrats on the anniversary and the house! Soooo exciting! Second, congrats for remembering to post such things. We had our eight year anniversary in August and I was on a plane, completely forgetting to post such awesomeness. So, congrats again : ) Finally, congrats on taking a nap today. That is fabulous! I hope you have time for a quick yoga session before bed but remember you deserved that nap!!


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