Monday, October 08, 2012

photos of our new house...for real this time {SQUEE!}

The hubster pointed out that I really shouldn't call a post "new house" if I'm not showing photos of the new house. Oh...right. Sorry about that. The truth is that it had been my plan, but then I grew more exhausted as I tried to edit out the bad pictures, and I decided I should wait until I have a minute to sit and think about it. Ha! That's a laugh.

Anyway, I owe you some pictures after that tease. Today we have movers galore in the house, but luckily I was able to get these before chaos reigned supreme. I hope you'll follow along with me as I attempt to play house in our new digs. I'm looking forward to beginning new traditions and decorating like a grown-up.

I'm not photographing some of the rooms yet because...well...they just look like rooms without personality. We'll meet back here for more on this subject soon though, and I'll let you in as I attempt to add personality to them. Oh, and I didn't put in a picture of the house itself on the teensy tiny chance one of you is a crazy stalker. Not you, of course.

Hello and welcome to our foyer! The kitchen is straight ahead.

A mantle with stocking nails and real fireplace tools! I'm a grown-up now for sure.

Front of the living room, aka. what we're calling the 'sun room'

Coffered ceiling in living and dining rooms. 

Built-in cabinets in dining room. What do you think of the baby blue walls?

The winding staircase is my favorite.

Best view of the house in my opinion. Love imagining my kids running down it.

I'm a sucker for old doorknobs (and radiator heating, for that matter).

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Becky Elmuccio said...

We've got radiators and old doorknobs, but I am officially envious of those ceilings!


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