Saturday, October 27, 2012

music man & horsie cuteness

We owe our weekend parenting sanity to man who calls himself "DJ Tiesto." Nate discovered that if you put on his station on Pandora, the kids magically behave themselves...for HOURS at a time. I'm telling you, it can be 30 minutes past starving and tired, and my children will miraculously turn from crazy banshees into perfect angels. It's downright odd. But do we ask questions? No siree Bob, we do not. We have beliefs about gift horses' mouths around these parts.

Speaking of horses (how about that segue?), Charlie has perhaps the most adorable Halloween costume on the face of the planet this year. I know this because about a hundred--maybe more--people stopped us en route to the Wilson Farm spooky hayride to proclaim her absolute wicked cuteness. I don't think I quit laughing the whole time, and neither did the girls. It was an incredible amount of attention. People of all ages and races engaged in the saying of "awwwww." UN Peacekeepers, are y'all taking notes? Here are some photos from the event (you can compare them to last year's too):

p.s. I wish I could tell you where to get said hilarious costume, but we inherited it for free from a neighbor! Oops, accidental pun. Get it, a neigh-bor? I crack myself up.


Mom said...

Something tells me that , like shoes , this wouldn't be cute in my size . The pic of Charlotte from behind in her costume cracks me up !

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