Wednesday, September 26, 2012

it's fall {again}, y'all

In case you are the last to hear this little fun fact, autumn is the best season in New England. The best, Jerry! The weather is unstoppably beautiful nearly every day, enough so that you don't even feel guilty wasting a few hours of mid-60's and blue sky so you can sort boxes in the basement. You know, in case you've got a move coming up in a few weeks and still have beach toys scattered about your yard. So...

I decided to make it a yearly tradition to photograph the girls at a park in the fall. I need to go back to the other park photographed last year because the park in the woods is just too shady. Good practice for a somewhat out-of-shape manual setting camera user like myself, but when combined with the focus issues I'm having with this lens and the dirty camera body (the sorrow of having most of your stuff packed up), most of the photos are rough. Anyway, blah blah here are some pictures.

These lashes slay me.

Soccer is the new family favorite.

Hmph. Low light + moving swing = narrow depth of field. Still cute, if a little fuzzy.

They are finally playing like best friends. I adore watching them crack each other up.

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