Thursday, September 20, 2012

big pimpin'

Moving preparations continue. The kids are 'helping.'

One of my doula clients is due tomorrow so am anxiously waiting to hear that it's time for me to head out to support her birth. Finding back-up care has been an interesting process, and I'm so grateful to have gotten wonderful offers of support coming from friends (both of whom have their hands full with third babies). Luckily I've got a few babysitters who have always come through for me.

Another update on the doula front is that I've joined a multi-doula practice as a volunteer and occasional apprentice. Being given a funnel for clients means I don't have to go through much trouble advertising my services or dealing with paperwork. It's a great feeling to have a network of doulas to support me as a back-up and knowledge base, and I love having a mentor as well. I jokingly tell friends I've found myself a pimp, which is doubly funny when you consider the--hehem--area of the body we're dealing with. Hardee har har.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of birthday celebrating, fall decorating, a possible pedicure, and thrifting kids' clothes. Consignment season has officially begun!

What's on your weekend agenda? Hope it's a great one.

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