Monday, August 13, 2012

on dream houses, the word of the day, and other haps

Tell me, friends, do you spend time planning your dream house? If so, do you plan what you will adorn the walls with or do you focus on building your own home some day?

I focus on the former, but truthfully it's more like I obsess over one or two minute details, like that I will have a gallery wall or a map room some day. We are still renting a home, so those dreams have to stay just that for the time being. But whenever I am feeling blue about not being able to jazz up my current dwelling, I turn to Pinterest and pin to my heart's desire.

Here are some of my favorites lately (and you can see the whole board here). Do tell me what your dream home will include.

Gallery wall of black and white photos. {Swoon}

                                   Source: via Lone Home Ranger on Pinterest

Ideas for how to hang maps.

                                   Source: via Lone Home Ranger on Pinterest

Vivi tries out a new word every day it seems, words like relevant and modest. She nearly always uses them in a half-wrong context, which makes it all the better. I love her budding vocabulary, and I love that like her mommy and daddy, she already seems to love words too. I'll give you an example, although I admit it's not as funny because she uses the word correctly both times. Today's word is 'almost,' and here's what she said to me in the car this morning:
"Mommy, I've been thinking of something almost all day. I've been thinking about how I wish I could have a super rocket bicycle, and how it would have seats for almost everyone we know."

How romantic is that?

I am planning some time away from the computer, a sort of end of summer vacation before school and the eventual grind begin. I'll have some scheduled posts and some great guests, and I'll meet you back here next week. Hope you're having a splendid August.

Sweaty hugs for all,

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