Thursday, August 09, 2012

approaching two-ness

Image Credit: Sarah Pelham Photography

Charlie will be two years old at the end of the month. At this age, a magical moment happens where suddenly your child goes from one year old to two seemingly overnight. You realize your baby is nowhere to be found and has been replaced by a talkative, independent, but still comically potbellied person. You can normally find her toddling around in someone else's shoes, shouting things like "MINE!!," "I gonna do too!," or "shut da doh!" Everything is said with at least one exclamation point.

Unlike Vivi, Charlotte didn't retain an infant's proclivity to try every food at least once and instead prefers to eat only her five favorite meals, of which notably a piece of meat is absent. I figure it will happen when she's ready, but I envision lots of "I hate when my food is touching!" whines to come. Meanwhile, I pour myself a grown-up drink and smile with my poker face. She also insists on feeding herself all meals, so we've had many a dinner where I'm quite sure more food made it on the chair than in her mouth.

Ready for the beach.

I'm so impressed with how easily she transitioned into potty training, but it remains to be seen how she'll react when we take away her beloved "bah" (i.e. pacifier). One change that is much appreciated is she no longer makes her Rainman noises, having finally figured out how to get her point across with words.

I hope she always retains her cuddliness; so far she has, and she still shouts "HUG!" whenever she notices her daddy is getting ready to leave for work. And when she's not sick or teething or having a growth spurt (which can seem nearly constant at this age), she's still a happy little girl, eager to participate in every activity around her, especially when her big sister is doing it.

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