Monday, July 02, 2012


Vivi started camp today. Last year she attended a YMCA camp, but at 3 years old, she was still napping and going for half a day, so it felt more like day care than camp. This year she's going to a for-real all-day camp on a wooded farm, just like I did for almost twenty years. In honor of this big day, here are a few of my own favorite camp pictures from back in the day (more are included in last fall's Halloween post)...

I'll be sure to report back with details about how it's going. As we were hopping out of the car this morning, she turned to me excitedly and proclaimed "I can get as dirty as I want!" Yes indeedy, this is the place for that.

After the hand-off, I took Charlotte on a short walk to a pond to pick up some jewel weed for her poison ivy. Since getting her poison ivy, I've had to explain to just about everyone what jewel weed is, so I think tomorrow's post will cover that subject. You simply must know about this wonderful plant!

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