Wednesday, June 06, 2012

stuff is happening

Watching them play peacefully from inside the house. Two peas in an adorable pod, they are.

Seems like we're due for me to give y'all a what-I'm-up-to brain dump. I mean, enough with the organization and the structured posts already, right? Things are going along swimmingly, that is if you don't count the fact that I got a second nasty cold in two months (so much for my moronic "I haven't been sick in two years!!" bragging, s'pose I had it coming), and the fact that it has been the dreariest of dreary weather for too long to count, and the fact that I am so disorganized right now that I missed Vivi's last-day-of-school-sing-along. And then two of my friends called later to ask "What was up with you not being there?" And then a third friend emailed to say "We missed you at the sing-along!"

Nevermind all that. I can't even. I might start crying.

So, partly I'm disorganized cuz I'm sick and don't feel able to keep things straight (hence previous use of "cuz"), and partly I just AND partly I somehow missed out on getting the friendly reminder from Vivi's teachers that morning, which is the only reason my three friends remembered to show up 30 minutes early for the big song and dance. Argle bargle. 

This must be what moms who work feel like. Hmmmm. It sucks! I used to like multitasking, but now I'm more of a unitasker, unless you're talking about folding laundry and listening to NPR and playing princess-dinosaur-robots, and then I'm all about the multitasking. But when it comes to brain juggling, I prefer thoughts of the "Should I water my garden today?" variety, and less of the "Can I pick up my friends from the airport in between that meeting and that other meeting?" variety. It's the curse of the scheduled things!

I am still a total birth junkie and supremely happy with my choice to become a doula, and I probably just need to chill out and give myself time to adjust to having to leave the house at all hours of the evening and weekends to go on these house calls and interviews. But in the meantime, I will buy my kid a big "Mommy's feeling guilty" ice cream and not even care if she asks for a cone and then the whole thing melts or falls on the floor two minutes later, as always happens. 


In other news, the cuteness still overflows in the casa de Ranger. Charlie's new Buzz Lightyear rain boots have taken center stage in her life, and when I lean over in her crib to pick her up in the morning, the first words out of that child's mouth are "Buzz shooeys!!" She wants to wear them 24/7, and she would also like to have a plastic frog in both hands at all times please and thank you.

Vivisms are still happening daily, but I tend to share them the moment they happen on Facebook, so you should friend me there if you want to keep up with all those shenanigans. I'm not much of a Facebooker these days, but it's the perfect venue for your kid's one-liners. Here's one I posted recently if you missed it there:

Vivi: Mommy, do you know that red sock that wins baseball games that we root root for?
Me: You mean the Red Sox?
Vivi: Yes! Can we win the game?
Me: You want to go watch the Red Sox play baseball?
Vivi: No, I want to be IN the Red Sox, and I will win the game.

I'm not sure if she wants to be in the red socks, or be in the Red Sox, but either way her general life enthusiasm just kills me.

Can you guess who they are smiling at here? Yup, the guy whose name is on their shirts. They kinda like him.

p.s. I tried to upload a video to this post of yet more cuteness, but my computer is being a j-hole and doesn't want to let me, and now I'm too aggravated to do it. I'll try again later.


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