Saturday, June 30, 2012

my childhood, the redux


Does it go without saying that we had a great time visiting the fam? Because we did. There, I said it! I should probably wait until I've processed the trip more to talk about it here, but I can't wait to show you some of my favorite pictures.

Little sister's summer of dirt begins.

Vivi's aunties were fantastic playmates.

Inaugural nail-painting experience. The stuff memories are made of.

Lil' bro (left) graduates high school. Tear!

As this post's title would suggest, going home in the summer feels much like reliving my childhood. It's a blast! There is nothing better than watching my girls be doted on my throngs of family members, just as I was as a kid. There was much embracing by the village during our trip, and it was like one long therapeutic hug. Ahhhhhh.

There were many hilarious Vivisms on the trip, typically involving some tall tale or other that she was telling, like that Mommy said she could have another s'more... immediately after I had just uttered words to the opposite effect. One of my favorites was the other day when she said to my friend, "Did you know we're allowed to get our clothes wet when we get in the slip-n-slide? It's, like, a rule."

Like he always does, the hubster listened patiently today to my zillions of stories and plaintive cries about wanting to return home more often, perhaps for good some day. That's still all up in the air of course, but at least for now I can relish the memories of the laughter, the gossip, the card games, and the pie we shared on this visit.

Thanks y'all for making it a great trip!

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