Thursday, May 10, 2012

word nerd alert

Sometimes I read Wikipedia for fun. Even if I know the meaning of a word like haiku, I'll look at what Wikipedia has to say on the subject and end up trolling the sub-links until I inevitably learn something somewhere.

Yes, I am a word nerd.

When people ask me how I can manage not to watch TV, I consider telling them I'm a Wikipedia troll, but then I reconsider and say "I read lots of books and magazines." I do that too, but often instead of reading my stack, I'm learning about synecdoche*, which incidentally has a great Wikipedia entry with somewhat hilarious examples (e.g. "Prominently used in slang and vulgar speech, where a person's home is referred to as his 'crib' or the entire person is referred to by his/her genitalia").

I scan Wikipedia in the same way I used to sprawl on the floor in my room, reading about Zelda Fitzgerald in my Encyclopedia Brittanica, or laughing at the old advertisements in my Grandma's stack of National Geographics in her basement. Did you do this as a kid?

I almost want to go thrifting for a stack of National Geographics or an old Encyclopedia Brittanica for my kids, just so they can feel like they are discovering something. I worry that my children will have nothing left to explore, in the days of "no you can't just go outside where ever you want without me knowing where you are," and news going viral in 0.4 seconds.

What are your nerdy passions? Are you a closet Wikipedia troll?

Here is my current awesome reading stack that I am forsaking to learn more about schadenfreude.

*p.s. Do please check out the fake pronunciation manual for their entry on synecdoche. It cracks me up. [Then find "haute couture." These are always good for a quick laugh].

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