Sunday, May 13, 2012

May flowers

I had a great Mother's Day weekend! The hubs really pulled out all the stops, so I had another holiday of not having to change diapers, give baths, or make dinner. We went for a long bike ride yesterday to our town center to have some ice cream, towing the girls in a trailer for the first time. I only feared for their safety 99.9% of the time; but even with the fear, I'd call the trip a deliriously fun success.

Today we spent the morning at a beautiful garden in the woods that is run by the New England Wildflower Society. My favorite part about the gardens is that all plants included are native species to our area. I had no idea Massachusetts had so many gorgeous native flowers! Then we spent the afternoon replanting plants (what I'll call Project Move the Seedlings, Round 3), drinking Dark 'N Stormies, and listening to Arcade Fire. An all around lovely Mother's Day.

I'll leave you with some of the terrific flowers we admired today. Hope you had a nice weekend!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Kiker said...

Glad you had such an excellent mother's day --- what a fantastic gorgeous picture of you and your two girls!


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