Monday, May 21, 2012

love the place you live: Belmont Town Day

There is a town near us called Belmont, and even before today I would have said it was the quintessential New England town. And then! They hosted a "Town Day" today, which was such a perfect way to spend a warm spring day and a great spot to visit for this edition of Design Mom's {Love the Place You Live} series!

Quiet Belmont side street

The celebration is hosted by the local bank, and there were tents set up by all the local businesses and public services. It really appeared as the entire town was out arm in arm enjoying the day together. We couldn't take five steps without someone offering us a free balloon or a lollipop. Vivi's favorite part hands down was the small collection of amusement park rides they had rented and put on the main street in town. There was plenty of cotton candy, cheap stuffed animals, and Italian ice to be had by all. A kid's paradise!

We shook hands with several local politicians, including our state senator, and the high schoolers manned a dunk tank. It was almost laughably movie-esque. I half expected a parade float with the town beauty queen and a marching band to pass by. A great day of classics for our little family. I hope you got out and enjoyed your weekend!


Emily Sefcik said...

What a lovely weekend. It definitely looks like the most perfect little town!

Sandrat said...

Aren't these the best times? Simple pleasures. Through in a bouncy castle and face-painting and you are set!

Char said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the small town celebrations!

ThomasMaloney said...

It looks like the people living in Belmont had a lod of fun at any rate. I personaly find celebrations like these a wonderful excuse to get away from what you normally do on weekends. And that it's really a great way to get our and see and meet your neighbours!

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