Thursday, May 24, 2012

high on thrifting


It's bittersweet to say goodbye to the spring thrifting season. Bitter because it's over, but sweet because I have once again outdone myself in fantastic deals. Yes, I know I can still shop thrift stores year round, and I do, but it's not the same as the nutty spring bonanza. I live for crazy lady 'bowing episodes.

I've decided to join up with The Haps' {High on Thrifting Thursday} to relive my glory days of thrifty finds. By the way, Mandy (author of The Haps) is hilarious and fun; her site is an excellent read to add to your coffee/tea break list. And now to answer your other question: yes. Those ARE Batman goggles in the upper left corner. Let's delve deeper into these scores, shall we?

All these bargains below, and more, came from an end-of-sale price-per-bag bonanza (my favorite kind), in which I scored two brown paper grocery bags full of whatever I wanted for $30. Wowza.

Clay Christmas cookie cutters. I love that the bear is holding a bear. Adorbs.

THE Batman goggles. And a little tea tray picked up at the church rummage sale, matching MIL's china ($2) 

Handmade bib/burp cloth with vintage fabric. Finally a good baby boy gift!

Superhero ladybugs on homemade burp cloth. Inspiration for my soon-to-start free sewing machine class?

Pic quality is not awesome here, but you're looking at a pea coat, Columbia snow bib, Pumpkin costume (baby boy gift), and Hanna Anderson snow suit (another baby boy gift!)
Oh, and I also grabbed some great bargains at Old Navy this week (not pictured), which isn't technically thrifting but does also bring me that great-score high. Old Navy has really stepped up their game lately--have you noticed? At one point in that shopping trip, the hubster and I turned to each other, both of us with two arm-loads of great finds, and just had to laugh and shrug. Apparently there are times I love shopping. Who knew?!

Editor's note: In addition to sharing with The Haps, this post is also part of Your Green Resource and Frugal Friday.


Jessica West Judkins said...

My son would LOVE those batman googles :-) and I love the vintage burp cloths :-)
good finds!

Candice said...

Wow you have some great finds here I'm jealous!

Amazon giveaway on my blog if interested :)

Fkthrifty said...

Love the tea party tray! So delicate and pretty

Outside the Box Mom said...


Visiting from Frugal Friday. Exciting to know we can still get thrift deals this summer, too.


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