Monday, April 16, 2012

Earth Day resist painting

I invited some fabulous bloggers--and fellow home rangers--to write guest posts on The Lone Home Ranger for this entire week during Vivi's Spring Break (called "April Vacation" in Beantown). These lovely ladies will be bringing you features focused on healthy, natural, and simple living. Enjoy!

Today's post comes from Marnie Craycroft. Be sure to read through to the bottom of the post to see her bio and link to her blog, Carrots are Orange.

We fell in love with resist painting this past fall working on Letters then again for Valentine's Day. The best part about resist painting is that your kids get a great sensory experience and get to be messy! In the end, the result always seems to be beautiful.

 Here is how we created an Earth resist painting.

  Our materials:
  • a piece of blue card stock
  • an Earth coloring page to use as an outline (this part is really optional because you could approach drawing the land randomly).
  • A piece of white sticker paper
  • Scissors
  • Green paint
  • A paint brush
  • Sticker Letters or tape to make letters (optional)
Our approach:
  1. I printed the coloring page on a piece of white sticker paper
  2. I roughly cut the outline of the bodies of water
  3. I placed the sticker on the card stock
  4. We got out our painting gear
Earth Day Resist Painting

Earth Day Resist Painting
My sweet son really wanted to add glitter so I let him and it turned out very cool

Earth Day Resist Painting
I let my son place the letters

Earth Day Resist Painting
Good fine motor development for preschoolers

Earth Day Resist Painting
Place sticker letters wherever you and your child would like them placed on the card stock

Earth Day Resist Painting
Let dry (the hard part), revisit and peal the sticker

Earth Day Resist Painting
Display however and wherever you'd like

Happy Earth Day! 

Marnie is founder and writer of Carrots Are Orange, a blog focused on Montessori inspired ideas and activities, teaching kids about money and musings on parenting. She is a big proponent of positive discipline and nurturing creativity in our children. After nearly a decade in the investment management industry, this MBA turned Mama is currently pursuing her Early Childhood Montessori certification. Marnie graduated with a BA in Economics from Wesleyan University in Connecticut and earned her MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Hailing from Maine, she now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two young sons. You can connect with Marnie on her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She looks forward to getting to know you.

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The Lone Home Ranger said...

I found some letter stickers at the dollar store and can't wait to do this project! The sensory experience focus of the Montessori philosophy is very appealing to me. Getting messy is my kids' favorite activity! Thanks for a great post.

Jacqueline Pointer said...

When Justine was small I let her use the kitchen floor to " go crazy " with finger paints , homemade dough and other art projects .I wonder if that is why she didn't color on the walls . Kids love an art project !

HisVeganMama said...

ohhh! I love this. Brilliant! My boy hearts glitter too, and insists on adding it to anything and everything.Thanks for sharing on the Kids Weekly Coop!

The Lone Home Ranger said...

Yeah, but my girls get plenty of approved messiness and still color on the walls. They must have gotten it from their dad.

Rhett Dexter said...

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