Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chuck Norris believes it's not butter

The closet of doom, aka. the office closet.

I know I really should be paying attention to areas in my home like the closet above, but how can I begin tackling these kinds of projects when my Google Reader tells me I have 1000+ unread articles?

You thought I was exaggerating, didn't you?

I am curious to learn whether it's unique personality trait of mine that I voluntarily add too many a bunch of blogs to my reader, that I READ FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENTERTAINMENT, and then stress over how much is going unread. Do you ever do this? What's the deal with that? Why must I torture myself still with dreams of showing up late for the final exams? The only sane maneuver is to mark a bunch of that shit as read and move on. Right?

Sorry for the all-caps shouting. It's out of my system now. (Note: The unnecessary use of all-caps is typically reserved for moments after my toddler has just been playing with my keyboard, and I return and don't notice the tiny light on and reply to my husband's "What's up?" G-chat with "NOTHING MUCH." Which means I've just accidentally told him passive aggressively that something is up. But I digress).

I actually came here today to tell you how much I'm enjoying some real food blogs. So I suppose this post could have technically been called {Did you read?} to match the series, but who could resist a reference to my favorite meme? In case you were wondering and didn't already guess my opinion on the matter in 2007, Chuck Norris would sooo kick Jack Bauer's ass. But I digress...again.

I created a list of real food blogs I love that's now located down at the bottom of my site with my other blog rolls, but I'd like to highlight a few food blogs that have become favorite reads (that is, when I'm not panicking about how many posts I haven't read):

smitten kitchen has got to be the world's best food blogger. If you have a contribution that could compete, I'd love to see it. I can't imagine a blog at this point that would dethrone her from numero uno in my mind; it would have to be mega-fantastic.

Local Kitchen makes me want to be friends with her so she would invite me over for one of her kick-ass seasonal meals...and maybe even give me a jar of her homemade preserves on occasion {Swoon}.

The Year in Food is a professional food photographer and blogger, so you can imagine how lovely her pictures are. Her site is an inspiration, like this recent post with beet-dyed deviled eggs, which I will make this week if I can summon the energy for the task. Will my kids eat pink eggs? I'll report back.

What are your favorite real food blogs? I'd love to add them to my mounting list on Google Reader. I hope promise I won't stress too much if they go unread for a while.



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