Wednesday, April 11, 2012

and the band played on


Yesterday I had a day of mixed emotions. Mostly, I was super psyched because I shared my first post with the Carnival of Natural Parenting, a huge step for me in my quest to allow myself to be vulnerable with you in this bloggy space. I got some great feedback (yay!) and was feeling the love. Additionally, I was invited to write guest posts on two of my favorite blogs! And, I'm having my own set of guest posts next week by some lovely writers! But, I also encountered my first snark attack.

Yes, you read that right, I'm talking about the snarky comments that folks write on Facebook or in blog comments that they hopefully would never dream of saying to people's faces. Y'all, can we come to Jesus about this mess, please? When I first read that SouleMama was being harassed for being nice enough to explain her absence from her blog, I thought it surely must be a rare occurrence. Since then, however, I've noticed several times that the comments on an article I'm reading are ridiculously rude or judgmental. And today it happened to me {it was on FB, and it's not important who said what}.

Which brings me to my Andy Rooney moment. What is happening with the world that we are so horribly rude to each other? Where is the love? Is it just that the Internet has torn down the walls that used to separate the nice folks from the absurd? Or is it possible that our digital age is somehow creating judgy monsters out of previously-normal citizens? Reader, I don't have any answers, I'm just feelin' you out on this one.

Perhaps what these commenters are missing is a little fresh air and some perspective. Yesterday marked 100 years from the day the Titanic set out on its ill-fated voyage. Is there anything better at offering perspective on how marvelous my life is than pondering the tragic end so many of its travelers faced? Tom Ashbrook had a wonderful hour dedicated to surviving passengers' stories on his On Point Radio show, which ended with a clip of "Nearer My God to Thee," reportedly the last song the musicians played as the ship was sinking. Verklempt doesn't begin to describe the feeling, does it?


Jacqueline Pointer said...

Ahhh , that's better , now I can comment on the blog site ( old person alert ) .
First I want to comment on the lovely seedlings . Good start ! You've just saved yourself $40.00 by my count .
On the other nastiness..
Saying Facebook is in itself a qualifier , it means you are going to open yourself up to a world of bored people one upping each other . I never could get used to that it wasn't actually a way to connect to people .
Liked the idea of teaching ( or being taught ) feminine image , it's a lost art .

Audri McCready said...

I would like to start out by saying that I agree with you. I have never understood snarky comments on someone's blog. If someone doesn't like it, why say anything? Not that we can't have a difference of opionion, but there is a difference between politely disagreeing and being just out right rude! I think your blog is a breath of fresh air, and I love it!!! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

-Audri @ Rediscovering Our Family

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