Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wordless Wednesday: this week on the range

Real St. Paddy's Green
More than one person said "Happy Frog Day!" to us. Vivi was understandably confused.

Hours-old baby lambs

Happy Frog, I mean, St. Patrick's Day!

Tired punkin.

My tree climber.

New lovely and dewy crocuses. Croci?

Spring feet! {my homage to Emily/SAHM i AM}

Wahoo, no coats!

Believe it or not, this was as good as it got. Target Portrait Studio, here we come.

Same day, same spot (almost). 1 year ago.

Expert wilderness explorer.

Expert rock eater.

Hello there!

"My turn, Mommy!" Vivi's portrait of me. She's pretty good! I'm calling the look Fierce Raccoon. Don't try to copy me.

Wounded punkin. Post ER trip for finger nail injury at the playground.
Editor's note: This post is a part of Parenting for Dummies and Jenni from the Blog.


momto8blog said...

great pictures...full of life!

Emily Sefcik said...

Awwwww, I love all your spring toes! They look so happy to be free! Thanks for the shout out : ) Big hugs. I hope Vivi's finger is feeling much better today!

Emily Sefcik said...

P.S. That's a gorgeous photo of you : )

The Lone Home Ranger said...

Awww, you're the sweetest.

Emily Sefcik said...

I forgot to mention that I LOVE the frog hats. And I changed my mind about what I was planning to post today. I wrote about my feet instead...all because of you : ) Cheers!

The Lone Home Ranger said...

Cute! You are unique.

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