Monday, March 12, 2012

what's for dinner?, round 2

We had a quiet, lovely weekend. Do you love daylight savings as much as I do? What's not to love? The kids sleep in until 8am, and it's still light at 6pm. Winning! On the flip side of feelings, I am greatly missing the hubster, who is still abroad on his work trip. Vivi misses him too of course and talks a lot about how she's going to show him "her pretty dress." She is quite the girly girl, preferring to get dressed up in a nice frock on a daily basis if she's not going to school or gymnastics class. Here's one of her get-ups from this weekend; she completely put it together herself. I'm sharing this pic on Steppin' Out Saturday.

Jacket & Dress: Target (Thrift); Knit leggings: Savannah (TJ Maxx);
Boots: Michael Kors (Marshall's); Tiara: Hand-me-down from a cousin

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I'm also sharing a second post in my new series {What's for Dinner?}, and I'm going to do things a bit backward and start with dessert. We are all thawing out now that it's sunny and in the low 50's; we even got ice cream sandwiches! I previously wouldn't have considered 50's to be an ice-cream-eating occasion, but I'll take what I can get in Massachusetts. Guess whether Charlotte liked it...

I'll continue backwards and share our suppers next...

Chickpea minestrone with alphabet pasta and rolls (Vivi said "Yum. Pickles!"about the zucchini)

You just never know what they might love. Charlotte gobbled up the minestrone. I was pleasantly shocked!

Chicken pot pie from a local vendor

Beef stew with more rolls

We have been eating lots of vegetarian lunches lately. I've delighted in a bag of four avocados and am sad to be down to the last one. I'm thinking of making avocado chocolate pudding with it. Avocado chocolate pudding! Ever heard of it? I'll be sure to share the results.

The remnants of guacamole, red beans, and rice

Completely unstaged hand-grabbing pic of a stack of baked falafel (what I call "chickpea crackers")

Baked falafel pita sandwiches
 Our standard breakfast is still oatmeal and yogurt, but this weekend we had special breakfasts of pancakes and french toast. My gut is still recovering. I'm not sure what got into me. Missing Nate makes me carb-crazy I suppose. At least I substituted buckwheat flour and whole wheat bread for the standard refined ingredients.

Pancakes, scrambled eggs, pineapple, orange

I didn't get a snapshot of it, but here's a video snippet of our french toast and fried eggs breakfast. Charlotte gets very excited when the new Selena Gomez comes on, so I tried to capture her singing along. Instead I got mostly Vivi singing. Star Search here we come. (Sarcasm alert!)


p.s. If you're wondering why I didn't include more pics of Vivi eating her meals rather than Charlotte, this picture oughta give you a clue.

Editor's note: This post is part of Seasonal Celebration SundayMonday Mania, and Simple Lives Thursday.


Rebecca said...

Thanks Justine for sharing this little piece of family weekend life with us on Seasonal Celebration-next week you should return to a super fast site!
Warmly, Rebecca x

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