Friday, March 09, 2012

Erin go braugh (or "the Dude abides")

I'll begin by saying I really do not like the word vomit. I don't like when people say "I vomited in my mouth a little" to be funny. It is not funny to imagine you vomiting in your mouth a little. Having said that, I went grocery shopping yesterday, and it looked like St. Patrick's Day vomited everywhere. I'm not even joking. I only wish I could show you the NINE pictures I took with my phone of the NINE St. Patrick's Day displays in Stop 'N Shop, but my phone is evil and hates me and refuses to allow me to share. Darn you, dumb phone. I will definitely be swapping my phone for Nate's in a matter of days. But I digress.

Here is the one photo I managed to get for you...after a lengthy round of cursing, I eventually sent it to Nate's phone, where I then emailed it to myself. All for you. You're welcome.

This is not even the best photo in my opinion, but it was the one that screamed Boston. The best has to be either the shamrock-shaped rice krispy treats, which are of course covered in disgusting green flecked icing, or the leprechaun beards and fuzzy green hats. Did I mention these were for sale in the grocery store?

Needless to say, St. Patrick's Day is enthusiastically celebrated in Boston culture, and you don't need to be Irish to join in the fun. The title of my post includes my three words for the day, which I shared with Jenni from the Blog. My word choice has to do with two separate recent events. First, I was looking at the cupcakes and noticed a little shamrock reading: Erin go braugh. I figured it was something like "Go Ireland!" or "Good luck!" in Gaelic (it turns out it is the former, except more like "Ireland Forever"), and I think it's interesting from an anthropological perspective that so many people have retained knowledge of the meaning of this phrase that it can be found scrawled on cupcakes and t-shirts all over Beantown.

The second of the titular events has to do with a little bear Charlie has become fond of lately.

It is pure coincidence that he's decked out in St. Paddy's shamrock green, but it does make me chuckle that she wants to bring him everywhere, as if she somehow intuitively understands the culture here and is an active participant. The funniest part of this little guy is that she inexplicably calls him Doo. Not Doo, acutally, but "DOOOOO!" And when this is screamed enthusiastically, it sounds a lot like "DUDE!"...which is of course what Vivi and I now call him. Or El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

Do you have plans to turn regular grub green with food coloring? This is a holiday I can let pass with little fanfare, but I wouldn't mind if someone made me these Irish car bomb cupcakes. I consider that an unlikely prospect though, so this is how I intend to celebrate St. Paddy's:

Do you celebrate St. Paddy's? What are your plans?


Emily Sefcik said...'ve never really participated in St. Patrick's day. I considered running in a St. Patrick's day dash a few times but it never happened. Usually I grab something with a little green on it to wear at the last minute to stave off comments. Now that my kiddo is getting older I'm realizing that it's assumed we'll participate in the holiday. Since I mainly associate the holiday with wearing green and getting drunk (sorry if that offends anyone) I'm not sure where to start with a toddler. I'm not a fan of food coloring so I won't be dying anything green. I suppose we'll be focusing on naturally green foods. I saw a rainbow fruit platter on pinterest that may be in our future. Otherwise, I'll just keep trying to reconcile the historical origins of the holiday with the current celebration that seems to focus on cultural misinterpretations and stereotypes. That said, I know a lot of people who have a lot of fun with the holiday and love it...that's probably way more than you really wanted to know about my feelings on this topic. I'll stop now before people start judging and hating me : )

The Lone Home Ranger said...

Ha! I love it. Nate and I are both partly Irish, so we share a fondness for all things associated with Ireland (except perhaps the Lord of the Dance); however, I do think it's rather silly that people dye food green. I'm with you on being icked out by green food coloring. I love the natural food rainbow idea! My favorite St. Patty's ever was when we were living in Madison, WI and took my best friend to Chicago for the parade. We got pictures by the green river. Maybe I'll go dig them up and put one up here. It was so amazing and fun!

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