Saturday, March 17, 2012

behind the scenes

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I hope you're doing something merry and preferably without ingesting too much artificial green dye. We are off to spend our morning on my favorite local farm, where we will see the farmers harvest maple syrup and eat loads of pancakes. It promises to be memorable and filling. And after a fruitless ransacking for green in Vivi's wardrobe, she is planning to wear her frog costume, which is apparently the only green thing she owns. There will be pictures.

Along the lines of the {a day in the life} post I wrote a while back, I thought I'd share some of what happens behind the scenes at our Home on the Range. I can typically be found in the kitchen, where we get lots of natural light. My basic life philosophy is that where the food resides, so do I. The girls like hanging out with me here, so the kitchen is also the location of impromptu dance parties and story hours on the floor.

Here's a sample dance party (n.b.: I apologize to viewers for the shakiness, but you know, I was dancing):

Don't you just love how much Charlotte is clearly enjoying herself? It makes me feel like I'm doing something right as a mom when she looks at me and laughs like that. It's a "Isn't life amazing?!" kind of laugh.

As for how I'm enjoying blogging, it's still fun to share my thoughts with the wider world than just a couple of friends, random Facebook lurkers (Hi, lurkers!), and my parents. In a surprise twist, I have come to form some tight relationships with other bloggers in similar family/career situations as myself, and the camaraderie alone has been worth the effort spent networking and branching out. I'm taking what I consider to be a big step this afternoon and joining an online Alt Summit class taught by the awesome blogger Melanie Blodgett. Without the D and with an extra E, that's the perfect last name for a woman blogger, right? Think she hears this a million and one times a day? I wanted to take the class the first time around, but it filled up too quickly, so I'm looking forward to getting my learn on today. I'll of course report back to you lovely readers.

Did I tell you that my camera's kit lens is broken? I have the Nikon D40, and the kit lens is the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. The focus on it has been half-broken for months, but I've been faking it with shoddy-quality photos ever since then. If you're wondering why only half of a bowl of food is in focus at once, that's why. I was totally planning on sending the lens back to Nikon to be fixed, until I realized the reason I couldn't find the friggin' receipt is that I've had the camera for over five years (i.e. past the length of warranty). Has that much time passed? Here is a post from 2005 (which has had a total of five pageviews, how adorable) where I first talk about wanting the camera. I can't even believe I wrote it over six years ago.

Here are some of the first pictures I took with my beloved DSLR (from the trip to Scandinavia I wrote about here):

Stockholm, Sweden, August '06. Look how colorful!

Copenhagen, Denmark, same trip. Doesn't this look like a painting?
I still love my camera just as much as when we bought it, despite the lens setback. FYI, I also have a 55-200 f/4-5.6 zoom lens, an external flash (speedlight SB-600), and a tripod with a remote, and I love all of my toys. A combination of all of these gadgets is how I managed this holiday photo shoot of the girls, even though a bout of teething had caused Charlotte to cry nearly uncontrollably all day. I jumped out from behind the wall to the next room and somehow got her to smile.

I'm in the market right now to buy a new lens; rather than replace my current lens, I'd like to purchase one with a different range in hopes that someday I'll pay to have the kit repaired. I'm trying to decide between a macro lens and a portrait lens. My 55-200mm is a 1:4 which doesn't qualify as macro. But I'm not photographing hairs on a fly, so perhaps the less expensive 50mm f/1.8 portrait lens is the way to go. I'm polling y'all to hear what you like. Do you have either or both? Do you use a macro for portraits? Would you recommend one over the other? 


victoria said...

What gorgeous photos! The one of Stockholm is definitely giving me the travel bug this snowy spring day!

The Lone Home Ranger said...

Thanks Victoria! I'm getting the travel bug too. My husband is abroad right now, and I'd love to visit him.

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