Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 challenges update: The Urban Farm Handbook

Did you notice my two challenge buttons on the sidebar? I mentioned the Urban Farm Handbook challenge a while back, but I want to share more information about how it's going; I will discuss the other Get Real 2012 challenge in a separate post. You might think I've over-challenged myself, but I look at these challenges as inspiration. When I feel like taking steps forward and pushing myself, I look to them as my guides, and when I'm too busy, I simply ignore them. There are no deadlines or consequences, only rewards in the form of positive life changes!

The Urban Farm Handbook is an educational, enlightening read so far. I've been waiting over a month to get it from the library reserve queue, so I'm only a few chapters in, but I can already tell I love it. In fact, I went ahead and added it to my Amazon wish list to purchase my own copy. It is an excellent reference book that I can see going back to time and again for recipes, reminders, and inspiration. One of my favorite parts about the book is that it is written from the perspective of two people with individual philosophies on urban farming and different methods for feeding their families. One author, who rides the metaphorical self-described "Crazy Bus," is raising a family completely outside of the modern grocery store. She shops at farmer's markets and barters with friends, and the rest of her food is produced at home via gardening, canning/preserving, and even grinding her own grain. The second author takes a less extreme approach, choosing to create a small roster of homegrown meals.

The challenge was inspired by the book and will take place over twelve months, including eleven challenges and one month for reflection. Here's what we've been up to so far:

                                        Source: via Justine on Pinterest

Are you taking this challenge? Or, are you pushing yourself in other ways to explore new methods of healthy living? I'd love to hear more about your experiences!

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Coleen said...

I've made yogurt cheese, very easy and tasty. You can eat it plain or flavor it with jam or herbs. Good Luck!

SmilinglikeSunshine said...

Sounds like a very interesting book.Thx for linking up to Book Sharing Monday. I am also sharing your pot on my FB page.

Donna Fiore said...

Wow - thanks for posting about this book. I had never heard of it but it sounds wonderful. Going to add it to my Wishlist now. My husband would love the mozzarella recipe

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us on Natural Mothers Network's Seasonal Celebration and best wishes for a very Happy Easter!
Warmly, Rebecca x

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