Tuesday, February 28, 2012

you found me how, round 3

I had a whole post written, and it was fabulous, and then I did that dumb thing where you accidentally delete it. And then I looked like this (sorry, that weasel is never going to get less humorous). Sigh. So instead, let's have another round of "You Found Me How?!" This will probably be the last post in this series (others are here and here) for a while--because how long will it be funny to gawk at the menagerie of odd Google searches? Let's find out!

1) hello kitty her self at christmas time in a towne sitting on

Sitting on... sitting on what?! The suspense is killing me!

2) figure skating toddler

Ha! Have you seen my almost-four-year-old? Let's just say that she comes by her grace naturally, and her mother (ME) has had two broken feet and a broken elbow...all from separate falls.

3) boston cover bunga

I swear I had nothing to do with Berlusconi's rooms. Scout's honor!

4) ginger beer in my subconscious, with the true character being faith in my subconscious. smooth love 

Deep Thoughts by Google searchers.

5) jacks adds pink slime to beef 

Well, at least we know why Jack fell down that hill. Jill pushed him.

6) demotivational poster Betty White

The Betty White meme lives! Love that Cracked article. "A thing will happen!" I had not planned on commenting on this weird trend, but since you asked, I think it's funny (strange, not haha) that she's suddenly receiving so much attention. If I have to participate, I choose this as my favorite Betty White poster.

7) leatter to my faverot teacher

Oh, bless your little heart. That teacher couldn't have been very good.

8) leisure time birthday boys 

Somebody has something fun planned! More power to you.

9) mom standing on contraction

This is what I would have liked to do to my contractions, just before I stomped on them.

10) monkeys in a barrel

The title of my forthcoming memoir.

I'm off to take an Alt class, so that I may improve myself to move beyond kitschy, one-off posts about nothing. Just because Seinfeld did it doesn't mean we all can. It's all for you, Reader. I hope you appreciate that I am growing. For you. 

Later Gator,

Image Credit: Morguefile.com


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