Friday, February 17, 2012

s'more Friday linky love...mmmm, s'mores....

                                                                                    Source: via Justine on Pinterest

If you did not yet journey over to The Bloggess to read all about her love of taxidermied animals, then what are you waiting for?! Do it now.

Sometimes I need an occasional reminder not to ignore my kids (perhaps while laughing at above taxidermied weasel), so I enjoyed this article from Babble's Toddler Times.

Oh, well hello there dark chocolate salted caramel nutella twix bars. If you make them for me, you'll be my new best friend!

Apple cider vinegar is a starring character in our household of late, in some usual ways and nontraditional ways. I love it! I may just try this DIY toner; I already pour the remainder of my hair rinse on my face while showering.

Are you eating seasonally like us? Tired of the same boring winter recipes? I love Local Kitchen both for her tutorials and because she has her recipes divided by season, a genius move that I hardly ever see anyone do.

I have a Google alert set up for "Lone Home Ranger," and I was surprised when this random but lovely article came up.

Happy Friday! Hope you have great plans for the long weekend. We're thinking of getting out of town to Cape Cod. I'll be sure to take lots of pics.

Love and hugs,


Emily Sefcik said...

OMG! I just read the post about the weasel. I might need those cards. I'd like to frame it. The one you featured in my post is my motto these days. It's much for satisfying to say than, "this is only temporary" and "this too shall pass." That totally made my day. Today had a lot of good moments but it also involved at least 2+ hours of a child screaming hysterically at me. It was nice to end it on a high note that only a taxidermied weasel could bring. Thanks for sharing the link (and thanks for your comment and the other link too...I will respond at length soon!)...

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