Wednesday, January 04, 2012

maintaining my morning-time sanity

I hope you are warmer than me on this wicked-cold Wednesday. Last night our weather man reported that, with wind chill, it felt like minus 6 degF, and boy did it ever. This morning it was even only in the 20's all the way down at my in-laws' home in Florida! Brrrr. I am managing okay, although I would like to invest in a nose-warmer.

Ever since I started thinking of finding a job later this year, my mind keeps wandering back to the horrid thought of what our household would be like with both of us working. I am fairly sure the organization level of our refrigerator would drop a few pegs, as would our level of clean laundry and, let's be honest, our sanity. Nate and I keep looking at each other and saying "how do people do it?!"

With that state of mind, I decided that one of my 2012 goals should be to learn more recipes that are either made in a crock pot or in large batches ahead of time. I knew just where to start: breakfast. To smooth out my chaotic morning routine, a while back I decreed breakfast would consist of a constant of the following two choices for myself and the girls: 1) oatmeal with raisins and a side of applesauce or 2) yogurt with granola and a boiled egg on the side. I would love it if they would also eat cream of wheat, but as I'm the only one who loves it (or even stomachs it), I have given up that fight. I should add that this set-up does include contingencies for occasional weekend forays into pancakes, banana bread, or eggs and grits, but for the most part we're on a consistent 2-choice breakfast schedule.

After a year of this routine, I am growing a bit tired of the monotony, so I recently added breakfast cookies to the mix. They have been a huge hit, and we now call them "anytime cookies," since I frequently bring them in my purse for snacks. This week I decided to add more variety to the mix and make Frugally Sustainable's breakfast burritos.

They are another huge hit, both with us and the girls! What a relief to have another quick, easy, affordable breakfast option. Go to her site via the link above if you want the recipe. I'll mention a few of my own notes too. I made the potatoes and eggs the first day, and the bacon and cheese a second day, which somehow made it feel quicker. The recipe allows for whatever seasonings you choose for the potatoes, and I found a sprinkle of smoked Spanish paprika and roasted ground cumin gave them an earthy taste, yet not too spicy for a toddler.

My burrito-filling station

Additionally, at the end of the recipe she notes you can freeze them using whatever method you normally do. While I do not have my own go-to method, I opted to wrap them in wax paper (which can be microwaved! Did you know that? I didn't until reading it right on the box) and put them in a 2.5 gallon ziploc.

Apologies for the blurriness, but you get the gist.

Next up will be to try an idea I got from Attainable Sustainable some months back to take oatmeal to work in a mason jar. Perhaps the hubster can be my guinea pig, though his breakfast routine typically consists of a cup of coffee and two cheese sticks when he gets to work.

Do you have any best-loved quick breakfasts that can be eaten on the run?

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Mary Boersma said...

Oooh, I think brian and I need to try this. Our refride is a mess. Here's how people do it... they don't. Seriously.
and can't wait to try the breakfast cookies!! ( ps, I still owe you a reply to your email. I've gone back to work full time as well)

Dana Stenzel said...

You did not just make freeze ahead breakfasts! I did, too ! Except just for me and Jacob since Bobby will only eat dry cheerios and fruit. I'm going to have to try these next, they look really good!

Emily Sefcik said...

I'm totally going to make the breakfast cookies! I've been hunting for a good homemade Cliff/Luna bar recipe! The burritos look super yummy too. Another thing to add to my list! Good job you!

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